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A flashback to the late 60's "Grey Bottom" era with today's advantages.

Outstanding pickups, meaty, versatile with incredible depth of tones, bell like with a very nice notch position quack.  Quiet operation, these have a very low noise floor.

For those classic Jimi, Gilmour, Knopfler, Mayer tones

Vintage Tone at its best!

TE-03 | Big City '69 Blues Strat Pickup Set Cream - Clearance #2

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  • Details

    Alnico V High Grade Sand Cast
    AWG 42 enamel Scatterwound
    Calibrated for equal output across all positions
    Vacuumed Wax potted w/special blend of Wax
    Hand Beveled Staggered Pole pieces

    Standard 52mm (2-1/16") Spacing
    RWRP for hum cancelling 2nd and 4th position
    Vulcanized Fiber bobbin
    Cloth push back wire
    Grey bottom
    Neck 6K
    Mid 6K
    Bridge 6K approx dc resistance
    Included is a matched set of 3 (Neck Middle and Bridge) pickups cream covers and the mounting hardware