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Outstanding mid 1960's to early 70's era Jazz Neck pickup, Dimensional, bright, warm, articulate with a deep, clear low end.
True vintage Growl with great clarity.
Very responsive and articulate.
Tight bottom end with smooth high end.
Vintage J Bass Tone at its best.

TE-07 Custom J-bass Neck Pickup w/Cloth Push-back

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    Alnico V, Sand Cast High Grade
    Scatterwound, AWG 42 pe
    RWRP for hum cancelling middle position
    Black Vulcanized Fiber (Forbon) bobbin
    Cloth Push-back Hookup wires
    Fabric Taped to protect the coil
    Neck 7.5k Dc Resistance
    Vacuum Wax potted with special blend of wax
    Calibrated for equal volume in all positions.

    Includes screws and mounting hardware.