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Outstanding overwound early 50's Tele/Nocaster vintage hot Tele set enhanced with all the modern advantages.

Staggered Bridge full P.A.F. like snarl and bite, the neck is bright warm clear with top end bite and sparkle, combined these have a round, sweet and chimey middle position quack.
Warm bright airy 3 dimensional touch responsive vintage tone
Quiet operation, these have a very low noise floor.

TE-15 | Modern Blues '50s Overwound B-Stock Tele Pickup Set w/ Staggered Poles

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  • Details

    Alnico III High Grade Sand Cast
    Scatterwound AWG42/43 enameled
    Vacuumed Wax potted w/special blend of Wax
    RWRP for hum cancelling middle position
    Vulcanized Fiber Flatwork (bobbin)
    Staggered poles pieces, Cloth push back wire
    Nickle/Silver neck pickup cover, Copper Clad Steel Baseplate
    Neck 7.1k
    Bridge 8.8k Approx. Dc Resistance

    Mounting screws and tubing included