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Outstanding overwound early 50's Tele/Nocaster vintage hot Tele bridge w/ P.A.F.  neck Humbucker enhanced with all the modern advantages.


In the Neck position: TE-20 Custom '59 P.A.F. Single coil like, warm and bright with great clarity

TE-15 Modern Blues '50s Tele Bridge is full P.A.F. like chime growl snarl and bite

Warm bright airy 3 dimensional touch responsive vintage tone

Quiet operation, these have a very low noise floor.

TE-15 | Modern Blues '50s w/P.A.F. Humbucker Neck Tele Pickup Set - Nickel

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  • Details

    Alnico IV Neck Alnico III Bridge High Grade Sand Cast
    Scatterwound AWG42/43 enameled
    Vacuumed Wax potted w/special blend of Wax
    Staggered Tele Bridge poles pieces, Vulcanized Fiber Flatwork (bobbin) Cloth push back wire
    P.A.F. neck pickup Nickle/Silver cover and baseplate, 4 wire shielded hookup
    Neck 7.45k
    Bridge 8.8k Approx. Dc Resistance

    Mounting screws spring and tubing included