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Outstanding P.A.F. with today's advantages. Warm bright and clear with just the right amount of bite and snarl.
From Jazz to Classic Rock & Blues, Southern Country Rock all the way to Hard Rock and Old School Metal these are very versatile.
Traditional LP tone.
Multi-dimensional, bright, warm, rich and deep tone with great clarity.

TE-20 Custom '59 P.A.F. B-Stock Humbucker Set Nickel 4wire

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    AWG 42 enamel Scatterwound, Alnico IV High Grade
    4 wire hookup for easy coil splitting
    Nickel/Silver Baseplates w/ Nickel/Silver Covers
    Hard Maple Spacers
    Vacuumed Wax potted w/special blend of Wax

    Neck 7.45k Alnico IV
    Bridge 8.35k Alnico IV Approx. Dc Resistance


    Wire Color Code:


    North Start Red = Hot
    North Finish Black                  
    South Finish White                  
    South Start Green = Ground
    Bare wire also to Ground


    The black and the white wire are soldered together and insulated with heat shrink tubing, they are only used when splitting the coils.


    Mounting screws and springs included