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In the pursuit of "Great Tone" for your instrument, You have found the right place. Browse through our selection and check out our clips on You Tube.  We are a Canadian company shipping from Ontario Canada.
Our outstanding pickups are made to deliver true vintage tone with all the modern advantages.
All our pickups are vacuumed wax potted with a special blend of wax.
All our pickups are made with only the best components including High Grade Sand Cast Alnico and Vulcanized fiber bobbins.  They are all calibrated and matched for equal volume across all positions.
Most sets have cloth insulated, wax coated push-back wire or braided Hook ups.
Our pickups have lots of glassy, transparent, round multidimensional tone with all the chime and quack they should have. Warm, articulate, and responsive with great clarity and string definition that will make any guitar come alive.

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