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Customer Feedback


  The pickups have arrived in good time and perfectly packed.

They have gone in to a US 80’s strat plus instead of the stock pickups and have transformed it. Don’t get me wrong, the stock pickups do the Clapton 90’s sound well, but the TE03’s have a magic sound to them. Clear bottom end and a sparkle to them that I’ve not found on anything else. The 2 and 4 sounds are totally on point for Mayer and, surprisingly Knopfler “alchemy” era tones, although this specific point could be in their combination with my maple neck.

  Another thing that was very pleasing was at bedroom volume things can be predictable and controllable, but when i got the amp wound up against my band the dynamic is unbelievable. In the outfit this weekend it’s very much Mayer, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, SRV and a few 70’s classics tones that I aim for and they were spot on,  I also cranked some RHCP tones out and again bang on.

  I’ve spent years building and modding pedals, and taking my valve amps guts to bits and replacing components and values many times but THIS was the biggest impact of all.

  I cannot thank you enough,

Jim O.

Incredible pickups

These are simply the best vintage Tele Pickups on the market. I've been a builder and tech for 20yrs, and I've never been so impressed with a set of pickups. I recommend your pickups to all my clients. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to my Strat set (should be here in a few days).

Jack'T Customs

TE-20 Pickups

  I just installed TE-20 Custom '59 Zebra in my new PRS style Build 25 inch scale, 24 SS fret. These pickups are perfect. alnico II neck ,alnico IV bridge sound simply amazing. I also put a coil split on both pickups and yes that sounds good to :) This is my 7th build and finding good pickups at a fair price is not easy. Now I've found a shop in Canada with great support and great pickups +++ shipping was fast and packaging was excellent and included diagram of the wire configuration to boot. Great job Tone emporium

Michel M.

I bought a set of TE-20 Custom '59 Pro PAF in my 81 Les Paul.
They sound truely amazing!

François B.

4 February, 2017

TE12 Custom '65

Hello, I recently installed a set of TE12 Custom pickups into a strat style guitar. I thought this would be a great guitar with the right work put into it. The one thing it really needed was better pickups. I read a couple of articles and someone mentioned Tone Emporium Pickups and how great they are. I decided to take a chance. WOW, what an amazing difference. The clarity and control-ability of these pickups is far superior to pickups I have used at more than double the cost of what I paid. Thanks TE, great pickups !!!


31 October, 2016


I bought a set of these a while back and just got around to trying them in one of my Les Pauls. I love these things! They are perfect for blues and blues rock stuff. I can nail that Bonamassa tone with ease and they do the ZZ Top thing very well too. Fantastic pickups at any price point! Thanks!



27 August, 2016

Hi today I installed my newly arrived TE 24 pickups into a guitar & I have to tell you that they sound excellent. I am not some guy with one guitar I am a builder & a total pickup addict & have 29 custom guitars all with boutique pickups in my own personal collection & have now lost count to how many for customers. I got a single TE 05 for an Esquire project from you a while back that gets rave reviews from all who have heard it & now with this last purchase. Be back soon.

Bruce K.


July 27 2016

Greetings. I recently purchased a set of TE-14 pickups for a first year PRS Santana. They arrived today and I just finished installing, and then playing them. Wow - these pickups sound terrific! I've always been a fan of P-90's and have owned some pretty pricey ones. Your pickups are truly some of the best I have heard. Period. You've made a fan out of me for sure. Many, many thanks!

Chris W.

July 21 2016


I bought a set of ’59 Pro PAF’s from you a month or so ago. I finally finished the SG style guitar I was building and wired them in yesterday.

I have been building guitars for over forty years and I’ve built well over a hundred instruments. During that time I thought I’d seen and heard it all in pickups. I was wrong. Your Tone Emporium’59 Pro PAF’s are by far the richest, smoothest, most balanced and frankly the sweetest pickups I have ever heard.

You can be assured that I will be recommending your Tone Emporium pickups in all my future builds.   


Jamie C


April 8 2016

Hi Rick, thank you so much for the TE-14 P90 pickups. I installed them into my US Strat that I haven't played for years and it has now become my #1 guitar!!!
It sounds so delicious. I have not been so inspired to play so much since getting them. So very thankful. I may need to put these pickups in my other guitar now too.
Very satisfied customer.
Super fast delivery as well. A+++
Thank you



April 4 2016

Hello Rick:

I love the TE02 pickups you sent me!

They have a really classic sound and are very "warm" sounding, as your website describes them.

I installed them into a Parts Caster I had Lace "Golds" in and it has restored the guitar to the sound its supposed to have!

I will order more for my other Strats, as soon as I have time to install them...

Thank you again for all your advice!

Ralph P.

By the way, the 2nd gig after I installed the TE02's in my favorite Strat. is tomorrow evening.

The first gig was MAGIC!


April 2 2016


I won a TE-12 set of pickups on Ebay. I've been playing guitar for 33 years and installed them about 3 months after they arrived. They went into my oldest, most precious, ash strat. I've tried many "boutique" pickups. Some sound better than others, of course. None of them sounded as good as yours! I don't know if I just have a magical combination going on here, or what. All I know is that I'm very fussy and they sound awesome!

Jason Dowell


Febuary 20 2015

Amazing, that all I can say, I purchest the te 02 54 fat strat pickup, for my reliced project and love them, in my 40 years of playing I have tried many types of pickup and the tone emporiums are there with the best, quality and sound, already ordered my next set, I cannot wait, treat your self buy them, kudos tone emporium.

Jo Fruitvale B.C.


Febuary 20 2015

Today I have installed the TE-03 set (my first TE pickups) to my latest Strat project based on a wonderful 3TSB MJT body, a Fender ´62 RI neck and a wiring scheme with a blend pot to achieve all possible PU combinations - and I´m absolutely excited by your pickups!!! They really seem to match perfectly. One may say, I´m TE-infected. :-))
So I had another look at your YouTube channel - and, beside the TE-01 and 02 sets, seem to be fallen in love with the TE-19 Iconic ´65 Hot Blues set. But you don´t offer it in your Ebay shop. Is it available and what would be the price? What magnets, wire and DC resistance do they feature?
Thanks again for that great 03-set, I will recommend your products warmly!
And SORRY for my poor English...
Greetings from Germany!
Ingo (saitenreiter)


Febuary 15 2015

Hello. Just put a set of Custom 59 Pro PAFs in a 2006 Yamaha RGX620z. I have many guitars with various combinations of Duncans, DiMarzio, and Lace pickups. I’m retired and have developed a hobby of finding solid guitars in great shape(it’s amazing what collects dust in some people’s homes) for very little cost and then proceed to refurbish and upgrade the electronics. This was my first venture with Tone Emporium and I am sad to say I didn’t find you earlier.
The 59’s in the RGX are absolutely two of the sweetest pickups I have heard. I had every intention of flipping this guitar for a profit but not so anymore. Every note is so detailed and every chord just breathes life.
I’ll definitely pass my findings along.

Murray P.


January 28 2015

HI folks, I've tried a range of your single coil pickups over the last 6 month or so, mainly prompted by the positive testimonials on your web site. I've been playing for well over 40 years now, and am well past the stage where I am impressed by the word boutique and hi-end,having used most of the brands out there. What impresses me is nice tone, regardless of brand or price. I've purchased the '54, '69 and Texas(x2) sets and each have been quite remarkable. Simply great pickups! All quite distinct, and all giving great tone. I particularly like the balance to the Texas set, especially the bridge which is just right for me, and historically my Achilles heel as I often find them too icey and harsh by the time I get the volume balance right. Yours are spot on for me. Just wanted to say thanks! The testimonials on your web page are not just hype. I'd encourage others to give your stuff a try. ....... now if the humbuckers are as good...... waahoo! Cheers Neil (Australia)


January 7 2015

I received my TE-02 Big Time ’54 Strat pickups the other day, and just finished installing them in my Partscaster.
I’m REALLY pleased with the tone! Two thumbs up!
Mark Mahler


July 14 2014

    I put your 61 bucker set through it’s paces at rehearsal yesterday and can honestly say that these are the best pickups I have ever owned in my 30 plus years of playing. Very responsive and natural sounding at any guitar volume setting.I loved the way sustained notes would blossom into this wonderful musical sounding feedback when you hit them with more gain. you obviously take a lot of pride in your pickups and you certainly have done your homework.

The only problem is now I have to convince the wife into letting me buy another 5 or 6 sets of your humbuckers to replace all of my other pickups.

Best Regards


John from Manitoba


July15 2014

I wanted to add more feedback on ebay but I can't. These pick ups are F***ING INSANE I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can't believe how good they sound!!!!!! Anyway rock on .

- worldwarzero

Hello , I have just purchased my 3rd set of the Pbass pickups ,when I play live , the players Always comment , Man your P-bass sounds SOOO good! then I tell them its the pickups they are from Tone Emporium these Are the pickups that you need to using !! They are Just THE best sounding pickups made!!Plus you get Great Service ! I have also put a set of the Tele pickups in my sons Tele!! awesome as usuall, Thanks , Rocky Strohl


28-Oct-13 18:54
     I finally got around to installing the P/J set of pickups in my bass. I originally wanted to tweak this bass to be my backup but after I installed the Tone Emporium pickups, it is making a case to be my number one! I made recordings of the bass before and after modifications and the after the pickup install, the tone is absolutely fabulous. Exactly what I was looking for.I can’t say enough good things about these pickups. I’ve been telling everyone.Seriously. These things are just the right balance of power and definition. I couldn’t be happier.
Thanks again for the great tone.
 - Jason from Kingston


Tone Emporium TE- 02 Big Time ' 54 Strat
Thank you very much, the pickups gave me an eargasm!! Superb quality!    Buyer:  franz1204
Feburary 2013

Frank K has sent you a message using your contact form at: Website Senders email:  A great sounding vintage P-bass pickup! Wonderful workmanship and tons of tone! Makes my inexpensive P-bass sound like a $15,000

vintage piece. Easily worth many times the price!


January 2013

I just wanted to contact you to let you know what an absolute fan of your Tone Emporium pickups I've become. I installed a set of Gravity pups in a custom strat I customized recently and they're just incredible! Now I'm planning on putting a set of the Big City Retro's in my next custom mod.
My opinion only, but I've never heard, or owned, better Strat pickups than these Tone Emporium beauties. Righteous Price too!
All I need now is a Tone Emporium stickers for the headstocks and seven tee shirts so I can wear one every day.

-Buyer  chastaine2830


Some feedback from customers:

EXCELLENT pickups, sound wise worth at least four times the price, recommended!!    Buyer uhrkul

     Tone Emporium TE- 03, Big City Retrofied, Boutique Single Coil Strat Pickups

Outstanding service, had problem with my guitar and they walked me though install    Buyer:gregjbutler 

    Tone Emporium TE- 01 Boutique Pickups Testify Blues Strat Single Coils

Great sounding pickups, speedy delivery. Definitely would buy again.     Buyer:ebaut

     Tone Emporium TE- 02 Big Time ' 54 Strat Single Coil Boutique Pickups

For my 69 stratocaster..
incredible vintage TONE!!!! TE04 fantastique great pickups
Thanks ... P. Kruger


"Replaced CS Texas Specials with these. Sound Terrific! Would buy from TE again!"
-fergadam, ON, Canada


"Your Gravity is great Pickups, TE04 Gravity is a top!!"
P Kruger, Morocco


"I recently bought your TE-03 strat set of pickups and just finished installing them in my squier strat. I must say that these are one of the best sounding strat pickups I have ever heard. I am very happy with your product and service and just wanted to let you know."


Hi, I just wanted to write you to say that I have installed your TE-20 Custom’59 Pro PAF Humbuckers in my Orville Les Paul and they are by far the best pickups I have ever owned.  They succeed in being both fat and extremely clear and airy at the same time.  I will definatly recommend your company to anyone looking to replace their pups.

Oh, and if ever you decide to make a fender jaguar pickup, please let me know as I would gladly replace my Japanese pups for yours.

Thank you,

David, On. Canada

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