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3x 500K Metric M8 Alpha Audio taper, split shaft, 3/8" threaded bushing height x 5/16" (8mm) bushing diameter, Coarse 18 Spline Pots.

Includes 1 flat washer and 2 hex nuts for mounting height adjustment

Requires 5/16" (8mm) mounting holes.
2x CDE 225P .022uf 100v Orange Drop Tone Capacitor
2' White 2' Black Vintage Clothe Push back wire 22 awg
1x Classic Blade switch w/ switch tip Standard mount, 1 3/8" (35mm) cavity depth required
1x  1/4" Input Jack, Metric M9 thread, requires a 9mm mounting hole

HH Wiring Kit w/ Alpha 500k Metric Split Shaft 18 Spline 5 or 3 Way Switch 1V 2T

C$39.50 Regular Price
C$36.34Sale Price