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Outstanding mid 1960's to early 70's era Jazz Bridge pickup, Dimensional, bright, warm, articulate with a deep, clear low end.
True vintage Growl with great clarity.
Very responsive and articulate.
Tight bottom end with smooth high end.
Vintage J Bass Tone at its best.

TE-07 | Custom J-bass Bridge Pickup

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  • Details

    Alnico V, Sand Cast High Grade
    Scatterwound, AWG 42 pe
    RWRP for hum cancelling middle position
    Black Vulcanized Fiber (Forbon) bobbin
    Cloth push-back Hookup wires
    Fabric Taped to protect the coil
    Bridge 8.3k Dc Resistance
    Vacuum Wax potted with special blend of wax

    Includes screws and mounting hardware.