Soapbar P-90 set enhanced with modern advantages. Articulate warm, clear round tone, touch responsive will bring any guitar to life. The neck position is like a Strat on Steroids, flute, bell like tone open and organic, 3 dimensional tone, with a barking bridge position. the  middle position is clear round sweet and textured similar to a Tele middle position. these have a very low noise floor with hum cancelling middle position. Cuts trough the mix with tight bottom end barking mids and clear, smooth top end.
Outstanding pickups, Great for Blues, Jazz, Country, Hard Rock, Classic Rock....Vintage LP and SG P-90 tone.

TE-09 Soapbar P-90 Pickup Set / Cream

  • AWG 42 PE, High Grade Alnico V
    RWRP, Nickel Silver Base Plate,
    Vulcanized Fiber Bobine, Scatterwound, Braided hook up wires.

    Neck 7.6K
    Bridge 7.9K Approx. DC Resistance,

    Vacuum Wax potted with special blend of waxes for quiet operation, and squeal free at high gain.

    Calibrated for equal volume in all positions.
    Cream Covers, mounting hardware included


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