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Outstanding med/hot modern HSS Humbucker pickup.

Tight bottom, focused mids, clear top end. Great harmonic and sustain with sizzling multi dimensional tone, increased string to string definition that will cut through any mix, live or in the studio takes dirt exceptionally well retaining amazing clarity and definition.

This handcrafted, high caliber Alnico V Humbucker Pickup will breathe new life into any guitar!

TE-12 Custom HSS '65 Bridge Humbucker /White 4 wire

C$65.00 Regular Price
C$52.00Sale Price


  • Details

    Alnico V
    Nickel/Silver Base plate
    Maple Wood Spacer
    Vacuumed Wax potted w/special blend of Paraffin and Bees Wax
    F Spaced (52mm) 9 k Approx. Dc Resistance
    Humbucker Shielded 4 wires hookup leads for quiet operation and easy coil splitting

    Included is one Bridge Humbucker Pickup and mounting hardware.